Daily Action Plan

Daily Action Plan

Who doesn’t like to make lists?  I know I do!  I love the satifisfaction of writing down items I need to accomplish and then clearly crossing off the ones I complete.  As a teacher, our minds are going a mile a minute and we have to stay organized.  Yes, you may have your file cabinets, binders, digital files, etc.  but what about for when you are on the go?  What about that staff meeting or the random question you get asked in the parking lot?  What about that student that is talking in the hallway on the way to the library? For this, I have my Daily Action Plan.  You can find these clipboards at any large retailer/office-supply store…or you can grab it through my Amazon affiliate link (also available through my shop).

All I do is print out my Daily Action Plan and I’m ready to go!  You can map out your whole day on this page & it’s all stays in one place.  From here I can log everything into my other organization systems and procedures but this at least gives me a starting point.  Let me break down the features of this page for you.


Grab my Daily Action Plan here!

xoxo Allie

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