Natural Cleaners to Support Good Health in the Classroom

Natural Cleaners to Support Good Health in the Classroom

Cold & Flu season is upon us and “everyone” is getting sick.  Except me.  It could be luck of the draw or as I like to see it, supporting good health both at home and within the classroom.

I have a solution that I use both at home and in my classroom on a daily basis.  I use the cleaner to wipe down surfaces, spray in the air, and as a hand soap.  So far this has cut down on illness tremendously in my classroom and in my home.

Natural  Surface Cleaner

Lemon and cinnamon on old wooden background

  • 2 parts water
  • 1 part distilled white vinegar
  • 5 drops each of Orange, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Clove, and Lemon Essential Oils.
  1.  Mix liquid into a spray bottle and use to wipe down all surfaces as needed.

*Be sure to use essential oils that are certified pure therapeutic grade oils.  Using oils that are cheap & you can buy off the shelves at the local retailer only have to contain 10% pure essential oil in order to claim 100% purity.  Go with oils that have been tested by multiple third party laboratories and can back claims of efficacy.

Want to know which brand I trust & use personally?  Send me an email and I can help get you started using essential oils through a company that sources their oils from around the world & helps to sustain better lives for the people in those communities.

xoxo Allie

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