I Like to Move it, Move it!


One thing my students love to do more than ANYTHING is to MOVE!!  I may be a millenial but even I sometimes forget to get my students out of their seats or give them a brain break that lasts longer than 5 seconds.  Www.gonoodle.com is a favorite of my students and it is easy for me because I don’t have to explain/talk to them during the break!  Double plus!  All I have to do is pick the short video and CLICK.  It’s that EASY!  (I do realize some of you already use this site–is it not AWESOME?!)  My kindergarten students LOVED it but it took some work to get my fourth graders on board.  Now they absolutely LOVE gonoodle & think it’s a treat when I play one.  It’s hard when you have to undo that cool kid attitude and teach them how to be silly & fun again! 😛

One of the benefits of using brain breaks that are HIGH ENERGY, is that while it does get them riled up, afterwards we take a few short breaths and then they are LASER-FOCUSED!   My heart bursts with joy the moment my class starts to self-monitor their ability to stay focused and on-task…they ask for a brain break and I let them have it (within reason, of course!).  What I get at the end is more quality work, more time focused, and less time wasted on trying to keep my class under CONTROL.

Click here to go to GONOODLE.  It’s FREE!

Another great tool I use in the classroom is BREATHING EXERCISES and YOGA.  When I think my class might get out of control with too much crazy dancing, I like to do calm stretching and breathing to set a quiet tone.  GUYS. IT. WORKS.  My students also LOVE it!  It’s pretty entertaining the first couple times you try it too…(I admit, I do laugh at my students from time to time–they are so funny!)

Here are some yoga moves you can do with your class:

Get those kids MOVING!





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